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Fischer Family Foundation

The Fischer Family Foundation was established in 2011 and is the personal foundation for the Fischer family.  Scott Fischer, his wife Mary and daughter, Katie serve as directors on the board.

Purpose Statement

The foundation exists to support social innovation and change by funding the creative endeavors of non-profit organizations.  Its funding enables agencies to enhance the lives of their clients and increase the effectiveness of organizational capacity.  The fund executes grants either by invitation or through a modified RFP process.

Funding Priorities

Funding priority is given, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Strategic support of capacity building
  • Youth development and education (cradle to career)

Funding Process

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation facilitates the funding process for the Scott Fischer Fund. Agencies interested in understanding more about the application process should contact the Southwest Florida Community Foundation for information.

The Scott Fischer fund executes grants either by invitation or through a modified RFP process. Agencies invited to apply for grants work directly with the Southwest Florida

Community Foundation. When the modified RFP occurs, it generally follows the process outlined below.

The LOI Round

The letter of idea (LOI) is not a full traditional RFP. Rather it is a snapshot of your program/project idea. The criteria for a well-written LOI are

  • Clarity of ideas
  • Precision of explanations
  • Thoughtfulness of design LOI questions

Examples of LOI questions:

  • The issue: What challenge or opportunity are you addressing in your project/program?
  • The change: What change do you want to see as a result of your project/program?
  • The action: What will you do through your project/program to make this change happen?
  • The money: How much money are you requesting?
  • The client: Have you discussed your idea with clients? If so, describe those conversations?

Compassionate Shark Tank Round

If your Letter of Idea is advanced, you will be invited to participate in the Compassionate Shark Tank A Compassionate Shark Tank isn’t a cutthroat competition where winner takes all. Instead, it’s a chance for you to share your idea with a panel of funders, experts and advocates, with the possibility of more funding for your project. You will have 3 minutes to present your idea and the panel will have 10 minutes to ask questions of you about your idea. Your effectiveness will be measured by your ability to address each of the LOI elements in your presentation and Q&A session.

The RFMI Round

If your idea advances beyond the Compassionate Shark Tank, you will be invited to submit a request for more information (RFMI). The RFMI is a set a questions in which you elaborate more on specific aspects of the proposed project or program. The questions are often generated from the conversations that occur during the Compassionate Shark Tank. A full project/program budget is also submitted during this round.