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Our Experience

We’ve been exactly where you are. And we know how to get where you’re going.

Scott Fischer Enterprises has spent the past 30 years buying, selling, founding and managing motorsports dealerships. We have overseen hundreds of staff over seven states. We’ve centralized and decentralized operations. We’ve succeeded in boom times and recessions.

Simply put, we have the experience you can trust to guide you through the decisions that will make or break your motorsports dealership business. Why guess when you can know? Don’t let doubt be the driving force of your business. Act confidently, knowing the plan you put into place sets you up for success.

We have a drive and passion for helping others, and now we want to help you. Don’t hesitate while valuable opportunities slip away. We’ll listen to your goals and help you craft an attainable plan. From start to a successful finish, we’re with you every step of the way. Get the most out of your motorsports dealership. Let’s get started today.

Experience you can trust

Our experience is in the motorsports dealership business — not in some industry with different rules, different customers and different expectations. Motorsports dealerships unique in the business world. They’re distinct from other vehicle dealerships not just because of what they sell but who they sell to. We know that consumer base, and we can help you in ways other business consultants simply can’t. Don’t try to shove square advice in a round business hole. Rely on consulting that fits who you are and what you’re doing.