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Talent Development

Be better than the sum of your parts

The strength of the employees is what sets one company apart from the next. Since 1987, we’ve nurtured the skill and talent of our employees through positivity, collaboration, passion and commitment. Our model will help you build a better team.

The health of our organization is built on these principles:

Core Purpose

Scott Fischer Enterprises exists to improve lives.


Get the job done even when no one is looking.


Act in the best interest of the customer.


Build and maintain positive relationships.


We focus on employee satisfaction, which breeds a unique culture that allows us to provide an exceptional customer experience. That leads to growth and investment back into our employees.

Distributed Leadership

We develop aligned and proactive leaders – at every level – who collaborate to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Employee Engagement

We unleash engaged employees who are passionate, creative and entrepreneurial.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We enhance customer relationships through every interaction.

Unique Culture

We consistently demonstrate our values and strategies to foster the right atmosphere.

Start your engines

We’ve been in business for more than 30 years thanks chiefly to a strong, talented team. We know how to pick the right people and foster their development into even better employees. Let us help your team reach its full potential.